How To Apologize In A Manner That Helps Gain Forgiveness

We all make mistakes. Perhaps this is what makes us human. Mistakes are an inevitable part of our lives.

So is apologizing for the mistake. Apologizing can be intricate and uncomfortable, but the peace and contentment experienced after gaining forgiveness of a loved one is unparalleled. But sometimes the hurt caused is tremendous and it becomes difficult to gather strength to apologize. More so, a simple word spelled as ‘S O R R Y’ is not always enough to mend for the hurt caused as more than the act of apologizing, the way in which the apology has been made is important. The most important factor to a sincere apology is ‘Intent”.

How To Apologize Appropriately -An infographic by the team at FlowerAura.com

The most effective apologies are the ones that are done in a timely fashion with an element of sincere intent to seek forgiveness. Here’s the ultimate Seven-step formula to an effective apology that can surely help you gain forgiveness and a positive relation.

1. Always ensure to seek an apology well in time and not when the wound gets severe to be mended.

The more one waits to offer an apology, worsen the circumstances become, thereby making the task even difficult. A late apology o reduces the chance of getting forgiveness.

2. Without any second thoughts, re-analyze and recount the situation to better understand the scenario.

Digging further into the situation allows you to be on the same page with the person you are apologizing to. It helps in better understanding of the intensity and gravity of the situation and hence helps in dealing better.

3. Never forget to acknowledge and further accept the damage caused in order to relate better with their feelings.

Recognizing and further accepting own mistake of causing hurt and pain validates their feelings. Do not ever opt for a defensive tone! Keep your ego aside and take this important step towards rebuilding your relationship.

4. Take Charge of the wound caused and express regret to make your apology more meaningful.

Here’s when you use the main word colloquially knows as the ‘magic word’ – “Sorry”. Do not just end on I’m sorry but continue to explain the wrong doing and express regret. Accepting the wrong doing and assuming responsibility for the same helps in gaining forgiveness, thereby making the relationship stronger.

5. Take a step forward and without twisting the words any further, ask for forgiveness clearly.

After expressing regret and remorse over what happened, there is a need to ask clearly for forgiveness. This gesture makes the apology sound authentic and worthy.

6. Learn from your mistake and assure that it won’t be repeated.

This step holds utmost importance not just to gain forgiveness and mend the loss but to transform you into a better individual. Learning from your mistake and further avoiding committing the same in future implies that you understand the wrong-doing.

7. Lastly, offer flowers bouquets, chocolates, notes to

Flowers and chocolates certainly do what words fail to express. Therefore, a gesture of apology accompanied with sweet gifts makes it better. You can order a flower bouquet delivery in Hyderabad, Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, and in further 150+ cities with FlowerAura.


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